Cheryl Lazar is an outstanding agent and real estate matchmaker with a phenomenal work ethic, deep client base, and New York sense of humor.

Cheryl Lazar Website on iMac, iPad, and iPhone
Cheryl Lazar Website on iPads

The San Francisco real estate market is super-heated and ridiculously competitive. There are 4,800 members of the San Francisco Association of Realtors working in 49 square miles. So if you’re an agent that wants to compete, you’ve got augment your track record with a strong, personal brand that illuminates who you are and how you work.

Our strategy was create a simple, clean, and clear website that used video to introduce people to her personality and showcase her relationships with her clients. Her site feels and sounds as natural as she comes across in person.

We developed warm, beautifully shot video stories with a clear narrative. And because Cheryl wasn’t comfortable boasting about her virtues, we let her appreciative clients do that for her.

It’s imperative to express yourself consistently and on a personal level in any medium.