CRMLS is working to eliminate the political and historical hurdles that prevent more than half of MLSs in California from sharing data.

Less than half of California’s 77 MLSs share data with each other—which often leaves agents with inaccurate information. This fractured situation is why the California Regional MLS decided to launch the It’s My Business campaign. The goal: Get MLSs to share and, in an ideal world, merge.

The challenge, of course, is to persuade those bound by tradition while not alienating them. Our strategy was to open up a raw, human discussion by showcasing brokers whose businesses have been adversely affected by MLSs that just won’t share data. Using a combination of video interviews and compelling copy, we focused on real situations and measurable impacts rather than unsubstantiated emotions and fear.

We produced the entire campaign, from messaging and campaign strategy to web development and visual identity to gathering and interviewing brokers on video.

What we achieved was a visually impactful website that made a complicated discussion easy and accessible. The messaging was crafted to be simple, real, and free of real estate jargon. Our broker spokespeople expressed their opinion though personal experience and cut the politics out of what should be a practical, business issue.

It's My Business on iPad

Unlike defending a political stance rife with conflict, approaching our differences with empathy can lead to understanding.