DocuSign has become a verb like Xerox and Google. The world-leading brand perfected e-signatures and digital transaction security—and they’re bent on becoming the Visa of universally accepted digital identity.

But a lot of people don’t remember how it all began—in real estate. Few really understood the full capabilities of products such as Transaction Rooms, let alone the company’s vision to create a global trust network. This void of awareness opened up opportunity for smaller, feisty competitors.

DocuSign needed some basics, including sales materials and an eBook that offered insights into the value of their solution suite. We felt our client had a bigger story to tell than that. DocuSign has always been disruptive kind of brand—far more innovative than their new competitors, yet not everyone knows the scope of their innovation. We put the spotlight on DocuSign’s real estate customers who, like themselves, are progressive industry leaders. What might have been an advertising campaign populated with self-serving content, instead became a thought-leadership story filled with real-world insights.

DocuSign One Sheets

Honor thy origins and the industry leaders who champion your product every day.

DocuSign on iPad and Magazine

The resulting 60-page eBook became an Inc. magazine-style piece filled with interviews that showcase the successes of DocuSign brokers. But the interviews also spoke to the challenges they’d faced as business owners, beyond the topic of e-signing and digital transaction systems. And here the real value was delivered to brokerages across the country.

The project fueled a conversation encompassing all the real estate tools, processes, and business strategies brokers use—showing what their colleagues have tried, what works, what doesn’t, and how they might improve today as well as plan for the future. The campaign—complete with video and sales materials based on the interviews—was the first of its kind at DocuSign and spearheaded a new content strategy for the company.