A merger of four entities, Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors (HGAR) is the second largest association in New York state, offering robust and complex layers of service and value to its members.

Of course, complexity can lead to complication. And many real estate associations are often so busy working for their members that they don’t focus on communicating the value of what they’re delivering.

HGAR is different. Both the board and the executive team recognized the need to upgrade HGAR’s website to better provide services and to express their message in a clear, singular voice. Easier said than done. A unified voice can be a difficult thing when your organization serves a large territory with competing priorities.

To unite their organization, it would take a new brand—a new start for all involved. And so the project began with the development of a unifying mission—“We exist to make our members thrive”. Which may sound simple and obvious, but HGAR quickly embraced the message and the rest fell into line.

HGAR Stationary - Letterhead, Envelopes, and Business Cards

HGAR proves that investing in brand communications is just as important for associations as any business.

Still, there were many challenges to be solved, such as how to add a customized MLS search function within the site as well as house HGAR’s extensive educational offerings. Because HGAR is, effectively, one of the largest real estate schools in the state, their members needed to easily navigate a complex course structure and access multiple resources spanning hundreds of in-person and online classes.

On the outside, HGAR members can engage with a completely responsive and beautifully designed site. One that speaks with a single voice and that incorporates a new branding, photography, and video. On the inside—an intuitive user experience, completely custom, and easy to maintain.

HGAR Website on iMac and iPad
The HGAR WordPress framework integrates:

  • Clareity Security SSO
  • iHomefinder™ real-time API
  • Find-a-Realtor search, powered via the HGAR RETS feed
  • Custom-built education store
  • Custom media library to administer hundreds of documents
  • HD video of key staff and board members