To heal an industry that’s been shorting humanity, ShortSave answers a seemingly impossible question: How can the distressed property industry re-engage those it has utterly forsaken?

Homeowners in default on their mortgage are faced with a frustrating process and little hope of a positive resolution. Feeling abandoned by the home loan industry, they often give up and ignore lenders’ entreaties to resolve their mortgage.

Karl Falk, Eagle Scout and Air Force Academy graduate, believed there had to be a better way. In the end, resolving distressed mortgages is a numbers game. So he thought, why not make the decision up front, based on the numbers, before putting consumers through all the pain of dealing with people and paperwork.

He patented his idea and set out to change the loan servicing industry. That’s when he came to us.

Short Save Website on iMac

Help people through a simpler, consumer-friendly experience that sidesteps judgment and offers hope.

Short Save Website on iPad

Armed with a prototype and his revolutionary idea, Karl needed to clearly communicate its value to loan servicers and lenders. But, because ShortSave functions as a conduit between lenders and borrowers, the experience also needed to be extremely consumer-friendly.

We began with the website. Fully responsive and integrated with the ShortSave platform, the site puts consumers at ease with an intuitive flow that allows them to easily find their way and with messaging that clearly explains the process. For lenders and servicers, it’s easy to understand how the technical and financial advantages of the platform make ShortSave a viable solution to the expensive problem of loss mitigation.

Most importantly, the site captures Faulk’s vision of a solution that takes personal judgment and shame out of resolving mortgage defaults. Instead, it delivers a message of hope and dignity that successfully re-engages distressed borrowers whom have previously been emotionally withdrawn and impossible to reach.

The message is also clear for prospective investors—ShortSave will revolutionize an industry ripe for change.