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What’s In It for You?

Welcome to our new website and, of course, our blog. I know, you’re thinking: “Great, just what I need, another blog filling my newsfeed with the same old blather.”


We get it.


We don’t find that stuff terribly useful either. Here, you’re going to get a whole lot of our personal and professional opinion (some of it downright helpful) on things you have questions about—not a bunch of buzz-worthy topics and regurgitated “best practices.”


That’s right, I just used air quotes.


Because “best practices,” in our book, are not very helpful. How can it be a best practice to simply repeat what all your competitors are doing? Most “Best practice” and “How to” articles offer poor insights and suggestions that are too generic to be actionable or inspiring. You’re so over it.


We understand this quirky real estate industry.


We’re going to share real-world insights on the kind of stuff we think about all the time and actually put into practice for real estate brands and brands that serve real estate.


We’re not saying you’ll see a post every week—we refuse to publish simply for publishing’s sake—but you can expect frequent posts.

  • Original ideas and strategies
  • Technical tips on design, development, storytelling, and all that good stuff.
  • Good and bad marketing examples from other industries, all crafted to inspire you.
  • In-depth reveals of the work we’ve done and how we got there.
  • Always brightly and uniquely painted with our point of view.


What’s even cooler? Get our updates in a killer newsletter.


Emails will be short and sweet and—because we’re all human—always include a tasty bit of something completely irrelevant, possibly irreverent, occasionally delicious or just plain awesome.


Did you sign up yet? Enter your email for gosh sakes.

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